Is it just me?

Heart compels me to say what it thinks

“I am here.  Easy to find.  In the center of your chest is a temple garden, a chamber of peace and calm, a Truth.  Nudging and compelling you from in here, every day in millions of ways am I.

Why am I not sought for advice and consoling, like the brain/mind/duality consciousness is?  Why has love become a story-line in romantic comedies, instead of the rock upon which the integrity of your civilization is run?  Why has greed been accepted, and warfare been the norm for thousands of years?

Simply put, Heart Consciousness was lost when 3D enveloped you.  Once fear controls your nervous systems, it is easy to stop feeling the heart and therefore higher dimensions, and separation from All That Is becomes apparent.   What isn’t as apparent is how at the ready I, Heart, and legions of Love-Light Beings are, to help you re-member your Self into Oneness with All That Is and All You Are.”

Lovingly Be In Me    Heart



The Flower of Life springs eternal, upwelling from within to every center, every aspect of my being.  As a sphere of circles, the flower rotates and moves in spirals and curves throughout all of my sheath’s.  A cleansing warmth is felt as I liken the sensation to something I know from my outer life, yet this is not of 3D, it springs from The Center, The Creator, The One.  It Flows.

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